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Q: Whatís in this stuff?

The best ingredients money can buy!

Q: How do you get that sweet tomato flavor?

A: I use one hundred percent tomatoes. Never paste or water!

Q: How long do you cook it?

A: It takes four hours to get that sweet tomato flavor.

Q: Can I use tomato puree?

A: Absolutely not! You will never get it right with puree.You need tomatoes!Whole peeled Italian Style Plum Tomatoes.

Q: Can you freeze it?

A: Yes. It freezes extremely well. Thatís why the recipe makes a large batch. I eat it at least once a week but I only make it once a month. There are four big eaters in my family.

Q: What other ingredients go into it?

A:Thatís a secret! Go to the sauce page and you can find out. Youíre going to love it! I promise!

Or check out the Sauce Page to taste CJ's Famous Sauce!

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