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CJís Famous Sauce.

The name honors the family patriarch, Carmen J. Ferraro. Carmen came to Ellis Island in the 1920ís when he was six years old. He was an only child of Italian immigrants that settled in East Boston, Massachusetts.

Carmen was a polio victim at a very young age and went through unbelievable pain, ridicule, and medical malpractice. He had braces on both legs up to his shoulders and crutches as well. In spite of all his problems (that would have meant defeat, or a very limited lifestyle for most), CJ overcame his affliction and went on to become a true American Hero.

He grew up in East Boston and Revere, Massachusetts, where he went to school and worked in his fatherís corner store. His father taught him to make lemon slush and work hard. His mom taught him to cook and work the garden, which he did in spite of his handicap. They grew all their own vegetables and raised chickens for eggs and food.

CJ was a member of the "greatest generation." He knew the value and importance of God, family, work ethic, loyalty, and love of country.  He did not know about the word "quit" or the saying: "Give it up!" or any other negative words that would allow him to think he could not overcome his polio, let alone lifeís other obstacles and problems that must have seemed small compared to his paralysis. All of my life Iíve been in awe of him.

My grandmother told me stories of CJís fight to walk without crutches and braces. She told me he decided to go without crutches so he threw them in the Chelsea creek and crawled three miles home. When he got there, he caught a whipping in the woodshed. Every time he did something of that nature he got it. Money didnít grow on trees and special shoes, crutches, and braces cost a lot.

None of this deterred CJ. He just kept on until he succeeded. After two or three pairs of crutches, his father gave up and CJ walked without them. The braces took a little longer and he never could get rid of the one on his left leg. This leg didnít have any muscle to bend the leg and he could not control it or stand without the assistance of the brace. Some muscles in his left leg were transplanted in his back. Thatís how he was able to stand without shoulder high braces.

The brace on his right leg was thrown away and he decided that if he had to crawl, he would. Bear in mind, these braces went from his ankles implanted in his special shoes to his shoulders because the polio affected his back and he couldnít stand straight without them until after the surgery. His left leg was two inches shorter than the right and his foot was smaller. CJ and my mothersí brothers, hack-sawed the left brace down to his hip and that is how he ended up, with only one brace on his left leg and no crutches, walking tall. Amazing!

CJ accomplished a lot more before he left us. He was very bright and became an electronics engineer and found ways to serve his country in spite of his affliction. He designed most of the guidance systems for our missiles and along with another individual, designed the radar installation that tracked the first Sputnik satellite. He was responsible for the miniaturization of a lot of our military electronics and spent years in the Central Intelligence Agency. CJ loved America and freedom. He gave his lifeís energy and his mind to his country for freedom, not money.

If you think all of that is amazing just wait until you taste his recipe for The Sauce. CJ was an unbelievable cook and he continued the family tradition of teaching the importance and value of how to prepare and enjoy quality food. I spent hours upon hours over the years in the kitchen with CJ.

For years, friends and family have told us to bottle and sell this fantastic tasting red sauce. After much thought, we decided to sell the recipe along with all the secrets and variations. So itís more than just a recipe. Itís a mini Italian gourmet-cooking course. There are many little secrets that make it so good and we wanted to be able to give you a step-by- step guide so that you, too, could capture the true flavor of this unique sauce. It would never be the same bottled or canned. So you canít buy it at the grocery stores. You have to make it! CJ wouldnít have it any other way. So click over to the sauce page and get it! Youíll be so happy. I Promise!

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